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Our Experience:

Home Video Studio is the leader in creating FamilyTIME Videos™. We have been editing family videos since 1991.

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We want to make your child a star!

A FamilyTIME™ Video will make your child a star of his or her own video. From your home video tapes, we will create a professionally edited program featuring the highlights you choose. With professionally compiled special effects, title and music, the FamilyTime™ Video is the perfect gift for grandparents, long distance friends and relatives for all family events and holidays.

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We are a leader in FamilyTIME™ Videos

Some suggestions you may want to capture and preserve:

  • 1st Day at Home
  • 1st Steps
  • 1st Words
  • 1st Birthday
  • Vacations
  • Graduations
  • You Decide!
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FamilyTIME™ Videos!

In Addition to gift giving, the FamilyTIME™ Video preserves your family history and can bring to life a relative that younger generation never knew. For more information on how to capture your family's and receive a free estimate on your FamilyTIMEâ„¢ Video, call or contact us today

Here's how to get started:

  • 1. Decide who you are creating the video for - friends, family, siblings, etc.
  • 2. Decide who will be the subject of your FamilyTIME™ Video.
  • 3. Choose a timeline - how the materials will be organized on your video.
  • 4. Pick a song that will set the mood of your video.
  • 5. Review your existing tapes and decide on clips to use.
  • 6. Call us to set up an appointment.
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Wrapping it up!

Here are some frequently asked questions about FamilyTIME™ Videos.

  • Can I use any video for this project?

    Yes, any video can be used, be sure to pick out good clear shots.

  • How long should the FamilyTIME™ Video Be?

    We recommend about 4 minutes; we edit the video to match the the length of the song you've chosen for us.

  • How much does a FamilyTIME™ Video Cost?

    Family Time Videos start at $495.00 We can do a simple effective video or add special effects. In general, the more clips you pick, the more expensive the final product is. Call us for a free estimate.

  • Can you put my FamilyTIME™ Video on DVD?

    Absolutely! We Specialize in DVD transfers.

Have any other questions? Call or Contact Us today!

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10/10/2015 Video Editing

We had our personal wedding video transformed into a beautiful, professional DVD by Home Video Studio . Richard Bryd not only put our cassette video onto a DVD, He made it into such a smooth and wond...

- Mike and Kimberly Silva from Reidsville

06/14/2011 Video Editing

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for doing such a good job on the "girls" CDs. But the part that impressed me most was "How can I help you" or I spent time tweaking them, adjusting the vo...

- Skip N. from High Point, NC 27263

02/25/2011 Video Editing

Richard, Thanks for the detailed work with my parents old slides that you made into a DVD. The video was well organized and captured many memories from my parents wedding and early years with the ...

- Ted & Pam from Winston-Salem

08/07/2010 Video Editing

Mr. Byrd, I would like to thank you for your kindness. Everyone so far has cried when they watched the video you made of Joseph. You did such a great job with placing the music in the right plac...

- Tara Turner from Trinity, NC

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